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Darelle Revis

Darelle Revis

And so the time has finally come. Super Bowl XLIX. Two of the teams that were favourites in advance and the hype couldn’t be any bigger. Is it going to be back-to-back championships for Seattle, or could New England make it for the first time since 2005 and celebrate their 10 year anniversary in style? I’ll guess we’ll see what happens on sunday… My thaughts and picks are ready, let’s do this.


For what I’ve seen so far this year there’s nothing Marshawn Lynch can’t or won’t do (except for interwievs). When some experts said that he wouldn’t be able to run for more than 80 yards against Green Bay last week, he ran for 157. And recieved 26. That’s how good he is. When everyone thinks that he has had enough and that he is all worn out, he’ll step right up, makes a play that carries his team forward and gives them new hope. That is why I have picked Marshawn Lynch to have more than 19.5 rush attempts (2U, 1.74@bet365) and run for more than 84.5 yards (2U, 1.68@bet365).


On the other side of the field we have Julian Edelman. Always playing in the shadow of Rob Gronkowski, never getting the big headlines. But if you look at his stats, especially for the playoffs, he is a guy that you can rely on when it comes go gaining yards for his team. 172 yards has he picked up so far in this playoff and that is why I think it’s a robbery to set the line at 68.5 recieving yards and I’m definitely betting on that! Over 68.5 recieving yards (2U, 1.76@bet365).

As a little bold prediction I’ve picked Darelle Revis to make an interception (1U, 3.75@Bet365). Always on the right place at the right time and one of the smartest defensive players in the League. Add to this equation that Russell Wilson’s recievers aren’t exactly the best in the league and that he threw 4 interceptions himself last  week. At home…


Oh, and who’s taking it home then? New England with the hcp -2.5 (3U, 2.10@bet365)


Good luck and enjoy!


+170.81. Units - 109.82%

+27.88 Units - 110.14%