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Justin Forsett

Justin Forsett

And so it’s finally here, last week of regular season football before we head into the playoffs… Feels a little bit like the season just started. A lot of “experts” said that the Saints could go all the way this year and that New England wasn’t a team to count on to make the playoffs and so on and so on. Some teams have really surprised both me and the so called “experts” (Cardinals for example), but some teams remain strong as usual year after year and I for one can’t tell yet who I think will head into Super Bowl in february, but it sure will be fun to watch the teams that are left fight for it!


Here are my picks for this weeks games


Indianapolis Colts -5.5 (3U, 1.68@bet365)
Indianapolis will make this their warmup before heading into the playoffs, since they are already there and the Titans have nothing to fight for except their so called honor. Colts will play a lot of different people and let as many as possible have a fell for it before heading into the playoffs, this means that a lot of guys want to take the opportunity to shine and show that they are to count on further on. Maybe Luck won’t play the entire game either, but I don’t think that will matter here.

Houston Texans -5.5 (3U, 1.47@bet365)
Houston’s got this in their own hands, they have a small chance (12.5%) of reaching the playoffs by winning against Jacksonville and at the same time hope that a lot of results go their way. I think they are in a good form and they will run over Jacksonville showing everyone that they haven’t given up yet. Shutout maybe?

Denver Broncos -9.5 (3U, 1.47@bet365)
The Broncos got this all in their own hands. A win will secure the number 2 seed and a first round bye week, and that is something they aren’t letting go of. Oakland have got nothing to play for and are going to Denver were it’s freezing cold right now compared to California. Sounds like a pretty boring scenario for Oakland to me… 20+ points for Denver?



Be sure to check out my spreadsheet as i’m posting new bets during the evening,

Good luck!

+170.81. Units - 109.82%

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