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DeMarco Murray

DeMarco Murray

Alright, first round of the playoffs is done and it went almost as expected! The hcp +10.5 for Arizona seemed really good in the beginning, to bad the Cardinals QB Ryan Lindley forgot his head back home in Arizoa. If he had taken it with him, maybe he wouldn’t have been intercepted 2 times and sacked 4?… Anyway, this weekend is going to be just a long nailbiter for all the fans out there with really interesting and hard matchups. I’ve tried to find some good bets and it wasn’t easy, but I think i’ve found a couple that looks really good in my opinion! Enjoy


Dallas Cowboys +7.5 (3U, 1.58@bet365)
I really think, and hope, that the Cowboys can go up to Wisconsin this weekend and beat Green Bay. That would be a nice upset to this divisional round, taking down the Packers at Lambeau Field. Now, here’s to why I think this could happen:
– The Packers only have one guy that Aaron Rodgers turn to we he wants to make big plays, and that’s Jordy Nelson. If Dallascan stop Nelson, half of the job is done.
– Dallas is the only team with 8-0 on the road this year, including games in Seattle and Philadelphia.
– Aaron Rodgers is questionable with an injury and no one knows how bad it is, all I know is that he missed one practice this week and played limited time in another…
– The Cowboys offensive front is better at every position than Green Bays defensive one, giving Romo plenty of time to find his targets.
– And finally, the Cowboys have DeMarco Murray, who have managed to run for an average of 133 yards per game against teams that are ranked in the bottom 10 for rush defence. Green Bay is ranked 23rd. That is why I’m also picking DeMarco Murray to run for more than 100 yards @1.86 (5U@bet365)


So for this weekend, just sit back and enjoy the show. Because that is what it is going to be.

Good luck!


+170.81. Units - 109.82%

+27.88 Units - 110.14%