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Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch

Championship Sunday is here! We’ve come down to the semifinals and at this point we can be sure that there is 100% guaranteed entertainment value on which game you prefer to watch. The experts say that the Seahawks and Patriots will come out as winners from their games and it’s hard to go against them. But there is more to hold in mind then just statistics and facts in this kind of games, you have that little thing called nervousness that can strike at any given time.

I’ve selected to focus on the Seahawks – Packers matchup since i’ve seen the poor odds in the Patriots – Colts game. I also believe that the game in Seattle is a little more nerv piercing in advance and hopefully it will be a thriller all the way through! So to the bets then…



For my first bet, I’ve choosen Eddie Lacy to have more than 16 run attempts (3U, 1.80@bet365). The key for the Packers today is to run the ball often and fast to set up for some big throws from gunslinger Rodgers. The Seahawks pass defence is ferocious and if Rodgers tries to pass the ball to much it will only be a matter of time before the interceptions starts flying.


When it comes to recieving I’m almost 100% sure that Jordy Nelson will be held in man-coverage by the Seahawks defence. That leaves Rodgers with Randall Cobb and Andrew Quarless as probable targets for the receptions. Since the Seahawks only weakness (?) seems to be tight ends (11 of 17 TD:s against them this year have been to tight ends) I’m going to go with Quarless for TD (2U, 3.50@bet365). The odds is a little bit to good and Rodgers arm is something out of the ordinary when he is in that mood.


So, now we have come down to the unavoidable. What will Marshawn Lynch do to take his team to Super Bowl again this year? Since the Packers run defence is ranked 23rd in the league, allowing 119.9 yards in average per game I think that “Beastmode” is going to go berserk on them. Lynch to rush for more than 85 yards (3U, 1.62@bet365) is a taker.


If there is one thing standing in the way of Lynch or Russell Wilson today it will be Clay Matthews. The man is a defending beast and a smart and tactical player that can be placed almost anywhere in the defensive lineup. That is why I’m taking Matthews to have more than 4 tackles and assists (2U, 1.66@bet365).


Good luck!


+170.81. Units - 109.82%

+27.88 Units - 110.14%