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In English – “Future, the future”


Is a fund that received the above mentioned name. I have been involved with the fund in about two years, where I exclusively play Flat-bets and I had the objective to evaluate after 100 bets, if it displays positive results I will continue with the strategy.

Why? Because I believe that I have sometimes found it difficult to value an item after having good or bad streak. In Framtiden I will put the same effort into every play I think have value and believe in, and in that way avoid to over or under valuate my picks, and by that avoid TILT better. I will try to minimize the psychological risk. I think I can be around 60% win percentage if I have my head with me.

Important about current and future flat betting: do not play for more money than you can afford to lose and start playing for a small sum, it’s okey to raise the bet if the roll is getting bigger as well. I’m playing my flat-bets with 5 % of my bank roll.

Conditions of Framtiden:

Picks will be out well in time before an object starts. You can see that all bets are laid and locked before the match have started in the spreadsheet.

Stake: 5 % of bankroll. Flat-bets .

Tennis : WTA (including ATP)

Mostly (P) innacle & (B) et365 . Although (U) nibet and (E) xpekt

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As usual, you will find all statistics in the Rating section.

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